South Walton is always a popular destination for spring break vacationers. Interested to know where visitors are coming from each week during the season? Below is a list of the spring break schedule for reference (note this list is not all-inclusive, but covers many of the areas from where our visitors travel to enjoy our beaches):

March 2023

March 11 - 18, 2023

Huntsville, AL

Bay County

Escambia County


Leon County




Williamson, TN

Shelby County,TN

Knoxville, TN

Dallas, TX

Fort Worth, TX

Houston, TX

March 18 - 25, 2023

Montgomery, AL

Walton County

Okaloosa County

St, Louis, MO

March 25 - April 1, 2023

Jefferson County, AL

Dothan, AL

Birmingham, AL

Rutherford, TN

Cincinnati, OH

April 2023

April 1 - 8, 2023

Columbus, GA

Cobb County, GA

Gwinnett County, GA

Dekalb County, GA

Fulton County, GA

Hamilton County, GA

Fayette County, KY

Louisville, KY

Chattanooga, TN

April 8 - 15, 2023

St. Tammany Parrish, LA

Baton Rouge, LA

Lafayette, LA

Are you from one of the areas listed above and planning to visit South Walton? Here are some tips for your upcoming visit.

  • Don’t wait to book! If you haven’t booked your vacation rental yet you will want to lock that down in the coming days. Calendars are filling up quickly. Keep in mind that booking directly with the management company will save you money. To check out what is available with Radiant Resort Properties click here.

  • Verify your check-in time. Many vacation rentals will have back-to-back reservations for these highly sought-after weeks, meaning a reservation checking out in the morning around mid-morning and another checking in later in the afternoon. A later afternoon check-in is necessary to allow enough time for proper cleaning of the property. We recommend that you have a plan for if you get in town ahead of your check-in time. DO go to a public beach access as many will have a bathhouse with restrooms. Enjoy the beach while you wait for your unit to be cleaned. DON’T go grocery shopping unless you have been notified that you can enter the property early.

  • Pack for cooler weather. Spring is always a little hard to plan for when packing, but especially here at the beach. The days can get quite warm and be perfect for the beach, but once the sun goes down the temperature will drop quickly. Layers are key in this season. Make sure you pack a light jacket and/or sweater to keep warm in the early morning/evening times.