Introducing Radiant Resort Properties

Radiant Resort Properties was founded by a local husband/wife team, David & Jill Olivarez. They have lived along the Emerald Coast since 2006. Both have operated within the vacation rental and real estate markets for over a decade, bringing a wealth of local industry knowledge to our owners and guests. Over a 15-year career, David navigated from entry-level maintenance all the way up to General Manager at a large VRMA in the area before transitioning to another Executive level position with a local resort. In both positions, his vision and implementation of proper processes and fostering strong partnerships increased revenue by 60%+ and improved overall guest satisfaction by nearly 40%. Starting from the bottom and moving throughout the various departments along his career path has given David firsthand experience with every aspect of managing vacation rentals, from top to bottom.

Through these years of service, it became clear that one of the biggest pain points for this industry is a lack of proper focus and care. The complexity of utilizing privately owned properties as vacation rentals often has property managers in a more reactive than proactive posture. The level of care drops significantly when you are in a constant state of reaction always waiting for the next shoe to drop.

Radiant has proven processes that proactively address many of the common issues that plague property owners and guests alike in vacation rentals. We strongly believe that having the right people/partners matter in creating an environment in which everyone is working toward the same goal and expectations are not just met, but exceeded. Secondarily, proper processes in place are the foundation for an enjoyable experience for guests.

At Radiant, we understand the importance of having outstanding partnerships with our homeowners. This is why we operate a fully transparent program while offering the lowest vacation rental commission split in the Destin / 30A market. Our program is predicated on quality service and attention to detail for our homeowners and guests alike.

Radiant Resort Properties is a boutique property management company servicing Destin, Miramar Beach, and Scenic 30A. If you are a property owner looking for the right partnership in managing your home or condo please reach out to learn more about our program today!